Ski Size Chart

Need help finding the right size ski for your profile? Use this ski sizing chart to help you find the best fit for your weight, ability and skiing preference. Please note, this ski size chart is a general guide and sizes may vary by ski manufacturer. Make sure you check the recommended size for your ski model.

Step 1 – What is your weight?
Pounds 90-100 lbs 101-115 lbs 116-130 lbs 131-150 lbs 151-175 lbs 176-200 lbs Over 201+ lbs
Starting Ski Length 140 cm 145 cm 150 cm 155 cm 160 cm 165 cm 170 cm
Step 2 – What is your ability?
Do you ski mostly green runs or are you new to skiing? Do you ski mostly blue runs or do you prefer moderate speeds? Do you ski all types of runs in good conditions and do you prefer different speeds? Do you ski all types of runs in ANY condition and do you prefer higher speeds?
Subtract 5 cm Add 0 cm Add 5 cm Add 10 cm
Step 3 – What terrain do you prefer?
Do you ski mostly on groomed or hard snow runs? Do you ski mostly in soft snow or off piste runs?
Add 0 cm Add 5 cm
Step 4 – What type of ski do you prefer?
Do you prefer carving, cruiser or slalom skis? Do you prefer All-Mountain or Twin-Tip skis? Do you prefer Big-Mountain or Powder skis?
Add 0 cm Add 5 cm Add 10 cm

Add the results from Step 1 through Step 4 to determine your ski size. Ski size chart data provided courtesy of